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Weiler Profile

With the first machines produced in 1954, weiler GmbH is an OEM supplier of machinery and production plants for precast concrete products. Using advanced dry mix (zero slump) concrete technology on railed beds up to 180 meters long, weiler slipformer and extruder machines produce a complete range of precast, prestressed and modular concrete products for residential, comercial and industrial construction.

  • more than 200 precast plants and 500 production machines world-wide
  • a complete product & service offering, a one stop supplier for precast, prestressed, concrete machinery, turn-key precast plants, and customized engineering services
  • durable machines designed and built to last a lifetime
  • the highest European quality standards using premium brand components (Siemens, Bosch, SKF, ABB etc.)
  • a local service and maintenance program supporting manufacturers at all stages of growth

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Weiler Hollow Core Plants


Weiler Hollow Core Extruder


  Hollow Core Extruder
  • lowest cost, highest compressive strength (70-90 MPa) hollowcore concrete floor slabs, planks, and wall panels
  • latest generation of hollowcore precast extruder technology
  • complete range of floor slab & wall panel heights and widths with ONE machine:
    heights 8cm to 50cm (3"-20") , widths in 30, 60, 120, 150cm (12-24-48-60")
  • 40-50% cost savings compared to wet mix precast
  • 6-8 hours cure to cut (with heated bed, zero slump dry mix)
  • void sizes maximum 50%
  • minimum cement consumption - 320-350 kgs/m3 (540-590 lbs/cu yrd)
  • highest concrete compressive strengths 650-900 kg/cm2 (12,500 psi)

    Download Extruder MAX-truder Brochure (PDF 837k)
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Extruder Concrete Products for hollow core floors, hollowcore walls, prefabricated concrete warehouses.

Weiler Slipformer

  Slipformer for hollow core, beams, piles, lintels
Slipformer Products

Precast Plant Batch, Mixer & Concrete Transport Systems

  Batch Plant Delivery Systems  

Mobile Hollow Core Plant

  Batch Mobile Hollow Core Plant  

Engineering Services

  Precast Concrete  Plant Design and Modifications.  

Energy Savings 30-50% - Green Building

  Precast Concrete  Plant Design and Modifications.  

Saws & Plant Machinery


Saw Features & Options:

  • Rigid, precision construction for easy operation, long life & low maintenance
  • Seamless synchronization of cutting movements with electronic
    servo controllers (Universal & Class S models)
  • Equipped with the lastest electronic controls & premium components, SEW, BOSCH, SIEMENS, ABB, SKF, REXROTH
  • Automatic or semi-automatic cut programs
  • Noise protection
  • Radio control
  • Custom fit to bed size
  • Wire pull
  • Single point lift
    Download Hollowcore Saws Feature Comparison Brochure (PDF 536k

  Sierra Universal Mult Ángulo    
  Sierra Pórtica Multi Ángulo    
  Sierra Estándar Corte Transversal    
  Mesas vibradoras para paneles de fachada    
  Productos modulares de hormigón
  • Long bed vibration and tilting tables
  Placa Arquitectónica    
  Fachadas y muros de concreto    
  Casas Prefabricadas de Hormigón    
  Paneles Cercos y Fachada    
  Casa Modulares
  • Concrete Batching Plants: Zero Slump / Readymix
  Recogida de Prefabricados
  • Production Handling Equipment
  Prefabricados Hormigón - pistas calentadas
  • Heated Steel Beds for same day curing
  Prefabricados - equipo pretensado
  • Stressing and De-tensioning Equipment
  Sistemas Transporte Concreto
  • Concrete Transportation Systems
  Mesa Deslizante Máquina Extrusión y  Moldeadora
  • Machine Shifting Tables
  Máquina Limpia Pista
  • Bed Cleaning Machine
  Carrusel alambre presfuerzo
  • Prestress Wire Carousel






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